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We are the Materials and Interface NanoTechnology Laboratory at the University of Maryland. The research group is led by Prof. Oded Rabin of the Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering and the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics.

Our mission is to understand and exploit interactions between inorganic nanoscale objects and their chemical and physical environment. Our efforts involve chemical synthesis, materials characterization, and proof-of-principle devices fabrication.


Oded SeungYong Jane Andrew Kunyi2016 Kenny2021 Summer 2011 Summer 2011
Oded Rabin (departmental page)
(IREAP page)
CHE 1110B 5-3382
Kenneth McAfee (graduate student) ERF 1202V 5-8168
Main Laboratory ERF 0145 5-4979

Contact information not shown here can be found using the University of Maryland directory: or the IREAP personnel directory: ireap-personnel.

Information on Open Positions at MINT

Keith Gregorczyk (Ph.D. candidate) Prof. Gary Rubloff, UMD
CIC-nanogune, Spain
Li Ma (high-school student) UIUC
Cory Mekelburg (undergraduate student) Xelay Acumen
EnerG2 Technologies
Christopher Wolfram (undergraduate student) BioMarin Pharmaceutical
UMD, graduate school
Rian Yu (Ph.D. candidate) Prof. Zachariah, UMD
Hasina Ali (research scientist) Catholic University
Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, Patent Law
Nicholas Faenza (undergraduate student) Rutgers University, graduate school
Joseph (Josh) White (undergraduate student) Genpact/Middle River Aircraft Systems
Seung Yong Lee (Ph.D. 2012) Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Owen McGovern (undergraduate student) Lion Brothers Company
DoRonne Shyu (undergraduate student) DuPont, Deloitte
Robert Schmidt (undergraduate student)
Jane E. Cornett (Ph.D. 2013) Analog Devices
Nicholas Wang (undergraduate student) United States Patent and Trademark Office
Andrew P. Lawson (M.S. 2016) Leica Biosystems
Romaine Isaacs (postdoctoral research technician) Thermo Fisher
Tescan / FEI
Haoxian Zhang (M.S. 2019)
Nathaniel Soo-Hwan Jang (M.S. 2018) InventWood
Kunyi Zhang (Ph.D. 2020) LAM Research
Prof. Tom Murphy, UMD
Pampa Mandal (research scientist) University of Maryland Laser Safety Program
Prof. J.P. Paglione, UMD
Julian Stewart (undergraduate student) University of Washington

Information on Open Positions at MINT



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